Mangalore Bicycle Club

Mangalore Bicycle Club was founded on June 4, 2011 with an objective of making cycling more accessible to everyone, both as a sport and a regular activity for healthy lifestyle.

The club was founded by Mr. Ganesh Nayak, a Post Graduate in Business Management from TAPMI and Managing Partner of Jyoti Cycle & Fitness. Dr. Gopalkrishna Hebbar, Mr. Arun Nayak, Mr. Laxmeesh Shenoy and Mr. Yogesh Shenoy were the first set of members when the club was launched in 2011.

Mangalore Bicycle Club is a group of passionate cyclists in and around Mangalore with zeal for cycling. We welcome any cyclists to our club; they could be complete novices, cyclists riding for fitness, to professional cyclists. We are not doing anything ground breaking, we are simply bringing people with a shared interest together and forming rider groups based on ability and goals.

To put it simple, we call ourselves passionate cyclists, who come together with different ideas and ideologies and align it to bring out the best of cycling experience to the citizens of Mangalore.

What do we do?

The club intends to bring together existing cyclists and encourage new ones to take up cycling. Cyclists are free to pursue it as a mere sport or with the purpose of staying fit or ride to bring down the carbon footprints to the environment or just for entertainment sake.

We organize group rides monthly for cyclists of various skill levels. It’s the perfect way to discover new routes, new riding buddies, improve group-riding skills and connect with fellow cyclists. A rider also gets to learn from other cyclists.

Various events are also organized for creating and spreading awareness on social, environmental and other causes.

About us
Our Events

We organize various initiatives in the city of Mangalore like rides for various social, environmental and other causes. We focus on promoting cycling and routing that as a media to communicate with the citizens to create and spread awareness on specific initiatives and also with the civic authorities on the need of safety for cyclists.


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