100 KM, 200 KM & 300 KM leagues

Long rides help riders build endurance and through this league our club tries to motivate every rider to scale up their riding capabilities.

100 KM, 200 KM & 300 KM leagues are part of our club’s mileage program for its members. It was initiated on January 17, 2016 with a group of 22 cyclists achieving 100 KM League 2016 certificate. The next in line in our mileage program was 200 KM league. It was conducted on February 7, 2016 with 29 riders achieving the league badge and certificate. We had and continue to organize many more of these leagues throughout the year.

Riders who complete the above mentioned milestones will be awarded with a league badge and certificate from our club. Members can achieve these milestones any time of the calendar year. Validation of the same will be done based on the update from ‘Strava’.

All riders should note that to achieve this milestone, you need to lay a strong base by training the body regularly. One should start by achieving smaller milestones first and slowly graduating to these leagues. Regular practice and staying healthy are the keywords to long distance cycling.

We have regular riders skilled at long distance riding, who can train the aspiring riders for 100 KM, 200 KM & 300 KM leagues.

Car Free Day

Car Free Day is first of its kind initiative by our members in Mangalore. We observed our first Car free Day on October 10, 2015. Car Free day T- Shirt launch was done on November 12, 2015 by Mangaluru City Police Commissioner Sri S. Murugan.

The objective is to contribute to a green environment by reducing as much carbon footprints as possible. We urge each mangalorean to turn off their private motor vehicle and walk, cycle or use public transportation for their commutation needs on every second Saturday of the month.

All citizens to understand that it is the need of the hour. The Club has plans of chalking out a future course to popularize Car Free Days in the city including massive campaign for car-free second Saturdays with like-minded organizations and government authorities.

Cycling Tips

Tips on cycling from the health, fitness and nutrition point of view are shared with the club members on a regular basis. With a strong base of Doctors in our club, we ensure that all the information shared with our members are verified and validated by them.

MbC Gangwar

We launched 'MbC Gang War' a first of its kind initiative in cycling community and a strategic Team based Challenge for the duration of 16 days starting from April 15, 2016. It measured each teams based on individual and team riding capabilities. Parameters for the challenge were not evaluated based on speed/distance/time taken keeping in mind the safety of riders. Various trump cards were introduced in between the challenge to make it exciting for every rider participating. The motive behind this event was "bringing in regularity in cycling for fitness and cycling for commutation" 5 teams were formed with 57 riders participating to compete against each other teams. Team MbC through this challenge pedalled a whopping 25000kms in 16 days with 47 riders riding 13 days covering 30 Kms on an average. Team MbC has shed 165 kgs of unwanted body fat, which is on an average 3 kg per rider. The drive for the members was not just to win the war but to make this sport safe, healthy and disciplined. Team Cyclomaniacs led by Dr. Pritam emerged the best team in the challenge based on active participation from all members, leadership skills and maximum rider participation in the GoGreenGoCycling cause ride on the last day. His team members were- Dr. Arjun Dev, Dr. Murali, Dr. Nagaraj, Dr. Prashanth Marla, Dr.Rajesh, Joshua, Mithil, Mukesh Rao, Mukund Shet, Ramrathan Naik, Sharath Alva and ShivaShankar Achar. A rolling trophy will be handed over to the team during our club website launch (date will be announced shortly). Special mention to 3 riders, who have ridden all 16 days during the war. They are Dr. Pritam from Cyclomaniacs, Mr. Dhanraj from Easy Riders, Mr. Maxim from Old Kranks. This challenge has brought in momentum to the regular cycling trend in Mangalore and has also helped new comers to start being active in cycling. The best part is that this momentum is still continuing even after the challenge period and everyone has taken up cycling as part of their daily routine.

Mangalore Cyclothon 2016

Mangalore Bicycle Club in association with Rotary Club of Mangalore has decided to organize the biggest ever-cycling event- Mangalore Cyclothon starting this calendar year. This will be an opportunity for amateur cyclists as well us professional cyclists across the country to showcase their cycling skills. This mega event will be open to International cyclists as well and the same will be tapped through Rotary network.

Various race category winners will win grand prize money on the lines of many prestigious cycling races, cash rewards and trophies.

A significant portion of the funds raised through the event will be contributed to support social causes.

Invitations for participation will be sent to all cycling groups/ clubs/ associations across the nation and to International cyclists through Rotary network. Various corporate houses, educational institutions and social clubs will also be invited to take part in this mega event.

Keep checking this space for more details.

Mileage Program

We encourage, recognize and acknowledge our riders for their efforts and their contribution into this sport of cycling. Our club boasts of a very comprehensive mileage program for our members.


Night Ride: A unique Initiative on Safe Riding

Started on December 20, 2015 midnight the night ride was first of its kind initiative in Mangalore. Since its starting we have night rides planned every Forth Friday of the month.

The idea is to build confidence among the riders that it is safe and enjoyable to use cycling for various commutation needs in our city. We try to break the myth that cycling in the city is not safe in the night. It is safe subject to cycling with safety gears like helmets, reflective vests and blinkers.

Through our night rides we want to create an awareness to the motorists on the road on the importance of sharing the road space with cyclists as well.

This also builds in confidence to cyclists, who are not able to do their regular rides in the morning. They think of an option of riding in the night with the kind of visibility night rides have created in the town.

Photography Contest

MBC recognizes Cyclists from Mangaluru, who are also passionate photographers. We want to encourage budding photograohers in our club.

Cyclists can send in their entries to . The winner will be selected by reputed professional photographers from Mangalore every Month / Quarter. They stand a chance to win the title "Best Photo" and a surprise gift for the contest duration.

Terms and Conditions and guidelines for sending entries will be updated shortly.

Ride with Knowledge Series

Ride with Knowledge was launched to help all cyclists of our club know their cycle from the technical point of view and resolve any issues arising during their ride. A lot of information is available on internet, however we ensure we source the information from credible portals and update our members regularly through our facebook page, website and Whatsapp group.

Vanamahotsava Initiative

Mangalore Bicycle Club and its members have decided to celebrate Vanamahotsava every year for aduration of 3 months. We will start the celebration in June every year with the onset of Monsoon an ideal time to plant trees. The first of this was done on June 26, 2016 with planting of 50 Saplings at Prakash Offset Premises at Baikampady.

A 3 month program on the occasion Vanamahotsava in the months of June, July and August every year, where we will plant fruit bearing, medicinal and endangered saplings and the aim of club which is currently having a strength of 300+ members is to plant as many saplings during this period.

Through this initiative we indent to create an awareness of importance of planting trees among people as trees are one of the best ways to prevent global warming and reduce pollution. As a club with many environment friendly members, we will continue to educate and do our bit to the environment through green environment initiatives.

Freedom Race

Mangalore Bicycle Club will be conducting Freedom Race, which is an annual event from 2016. This is a unique initiative of MbC and first of its kind cycling competition based on speed. This opens window of opportunities to all passionate cyclists to participate in a race, where the evaluation criterion is Speed. This September will see Season 1 of Freedom Race and our plan is to continue this in the coming years too. Cyclists from Mangalore, Udupi-Manipal and Madikeri are eligible to participate in this event. Hi-end bikes of any kind and type are allowed in this race.

As a club we have been inspiring Mangaoreans to take up cycling for Health and fitness. This is our next step in inspiring cyclists to take up cycling as a sport and profession. Not many in today’s fast pacing and competitive society looks at cycling as a profession here. We want to tell our fellow citizens it can equally be a profession as any other exciting career option they look at.