Subhas kamath
Subhas Kamath
August 17, 2016
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Achinthya Rao
August 29, 2016

Gopal Krishna Baliga

Gopal Krishna Baliga

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I have always been an adventurer. My guru in adventure Mr. Ashok Vardhana sir had been goading me to start cycling for almost 2 years. In my college days, I have travelled upto Koullur from Mangalore and next day back, by the then available heavy single speed bicycle. But I had not touched a bicycle for some 35+ years since then. I was apprehensive at the age of 55+ can I start cycling again? Then finally at age 57, I borrowed a bicycle from one of my friends and started trying it out. To my surprise, not only could I ride well, but my weakening health started improving.

That’s the time I came in touch with Mangalore Bicycle Club. I did not know anything about the new breed of “GEARED” Bicycles. At MbC, I met many like minded people, started learning about riding techniques of the “GEARED” Bicycles. I bought the cycle I had borrowed from my good friend Mr. Roshan Rao. One of the members of MbC Mr. Sadashiva Rao helped me to rebuild it with quality spares and it was as good as new (But I know it is better than new).

Then onwards, there was no looking back. I learned that new breed of bicycles are highly researched and there are various varieties to choose from. They are fine tuned to the owners hieght, legs and general build. There is specific time tested ways of riding. If we ride the bicycles regularly in the right manner, we get immense health improvement. Contrary to popular belief, whatever little back pain and knee pain I had, vanished. My body became strong, BP which was at borderline came within healthy zone, my endurance improved, weight reduced, waist line receded. I started enjoying seeing life and nature at close quarters which would never have been possible with home to office car ride. My daily routine became active, concentration improved, started getting sound sleep. Since all the calories were being burnt, need to eat less was no more there. So I could eat any healthy food that I wanted. It would get digested because of the exercise.

For all those people who are out there, come please start riding a bicycle. Since I have done, jogging, walking, swimming etc, I know bicycle riding is supreme. I have done it all.