Sunil Mendes
Sunil Mendes
September 1, 2016
"Hari Prasad- Experience on Mbc 200 KM League 2016-Season2
“Hari Prasad- Experience on Mbc 200 KM League 2016-Season2
September 7, 2016

Srikantha Raja

Srikantha Raja

Image of Srikantha Raja

First I thank Mangalore bicycle club for the opportunity given to me to participate, in 200km league.

We team members started at 4am from Lady hill circle, pedaling towards Udupi. The early morning breeze embracing us made the beginning a fantastic one. Reassembled at Katapadi for breakfast and proceeded towards Manipal. The first climb of the league was fine with every participant after which we all had short chat at Manipal Tiger circle waiting for all the riders to join. At Manipall Mr Arvind KY joined us and we all started towards Hebri via Perdur. Hebri we all reenergized as a team before heading to Karkala.

From Hebri to Karkala real league terrain started and the forest route was thrilling and challenging. Each one of the team members cherished throughout the stretch and we had a small stop 18 km before Karkala.

After having lunch at Karkala, all team members started towards Moodabidri and the route ahead was challenging to us. Having reenergized at Moodabidri we all proceeded towards BC Road, the hardest part of the league. I was really exhausted but continued pedaling towards achieving 200km mark. While climbing the terrain I had to stop twice, because the complete stretch was uphill terrain. The exhaustion of the uphill vanished in the last 3 kms of downhill ride which paved for further pedaling to complete my 200kms milstone. Once I reached BC Road, I was not able to pedal at high speed as my muscles slowed down and once I crossed Sahyadri College I could gain momentum. Though I was doubtful of climbing Padil- Kavoor uphill terrain which was the last stretch, I comfortably did. My finish was as smooth as our beginning.

I am very thankful, all participants.
Special mention to:

Our BEESHMACHARY, none other than Maxim Menezes, a real motivator, technically strong and loves Physics very much.

  1. Mazroq, who motivated me with encouraging words.
  2. Gaurav who accompanied me with his powerful front lights, and motivated me to pedal faster.
  3. Masood the rocket speed rider.
  4. Hariprasad the cool and steady rider.
  5. Sunil Mended, team motivator.
  6. The youngest among lot Master Achintya.
  7. Arvind KY, experienced rider.

The whole league is incomplete without Yekadantha, i.e. our GANNU, Ganesh Nayak. The technical problem of his bicycle was a blessing in disguise for the Legue. The way he encouraged, and motivated the team was fantabulous.

Coming to the route, though tough, it was challenging. The whole route was full of greenery, with soothing effect. The climate condition really played it’s role in the Legue.

Lastly once again I thank each one who involved in making the league a GREAT SUCCESS.